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spot likes pie.

The name:

I got my name posting on message boards in '99. I would use many names, when I was drunken I would use the name 'spot' not capitalized. Everyone assumed it was meant as a dogs name. So rather than explain stuff I accepted that. When I finally came to LJ the name 'spot' was already taken.

The journal:

I generally post stuff that I can't talk about with the people involved. The two most common things are;

1- Things I found to be entertaining, but people would get mad or in serious trouble if the wrong people heard about it. People trust me and are comfortable doing anything around me. I'd like to keep it that way.

2- Things that bother me. I am not a whiner or complainer. If I post the stuff here it feels like it was already discussed and I am less likely to seem stressed at work.

The Person

Don't take me too seriously. When I am a jerk it is usually not meant as being mean. I only insult the closest of my friends and people that I like. I do not know why, I was just brought up that way.

The Friends

Most people I list as friends I met long before I had a journal. I have no locked entries. If you have a three minute conversation with the check-out lady at the grocery store that doesn't make her your friend. Add me if you want. I just hate having to remove people, so I will make sure we are friends before I add anyone.
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